About PJ Corvus

PJ Corvus: Composer, Producer, Audio Engineer


Complete, synchronized, customized soundtracks
in all types of multimedia projects including:

  • Movie, Television, and Video Soundtracks

  • Websites, Software, and Video Game Sounds

  • Advertising Music and Jingles

  • Audiobook Soundtracks and Voiceovers


     He provides original, ready-to-use audio in any format that you need for your project. Before you use canned music from a music archive catalog, you should consider the impact that custom music will make in your project: matching the rhythm, movement, and mood of each scene. Specializing in synthesizers and electronic music and drawing from years of experience in composition, classical music training, and audio engineering:

     He can deliver many original music styles and genres. He started utilizing analog and digital hardware synthesizers in 1983, and continues to use hardware synthesizers along with the latest tools
available: such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, and other specialized music technology.


 To hear streaming audio samples of his music: click here

 To view some of his credits: click here

To contact PJ Corvus : click here

To read a short biography about PJ: click here

For more info about Corvus studio: click here


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