Below are some streaming audio samples
of music composed/arranged and engineered
by PJ Corvus in Corvus studio:

At the top of this page are streaming audio jingles of
different styles and genres that I performed and engineered.

At the bottom of the page,
you can listen to full-length streaming albums


Orchestral Theme:

Orchestral Theme:



Orchestral Action Scene:

World Music (Gaelic) 30 second clip:

Urban : Girls Gone Grape theme song jingle

Adult Urban,  North Hollywood Lounge

Jazz Jingle 1:

Jazz Jingle 2:

Country, 15 second Jingle:

 Rock Jingle 1:

 Rock Jingle 2:

Electronica :

Downtempo Electronic Gaming Music :
Pathwize Theme Song

i AM light cover final 1600

Stream my entire full-length album
” i AM light”  (2015)  below:

PJ Corvus

Stream my entire full-length album
“cinema” (2014) below:


2 comments on “Listen

  1. Love your music, it is calming and enjoyable. I love writing while listening to music and this is so perfect for doing that. It is like having a door opened to the Universe and into my soul.

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