PJstairs PJ Corvus

     PJ began making music as a toddler, playing on drums, pianos, and whatever items he could get his hands on that could make a sound.  He was born with perfect pitch, and he could hear a tune on TV or on the radio, and “play it by ear” on the piano.  His parents recognized his natural abilities, and enrolled him in formal piano lessons at age 7.   His first teachers were very impressed at the speed at which he completed his lessons, and they recommended that he be placed in a music conservatory to be trained in classical music by Mozart, Bach, Debussy, and other classical composers.  During his training, PJ was always writing his own songs and began composing music as early as he could play music by other composers.  He also liked to make recordings of himself as he played the piano.

     He took notice of an emerging instrument, the analog synthesizer. He was impressed by how many different sounds synthesizers could make, imitating flutes, or pianos, or harpsichords, or even jet airplanes, helicopters, or ocean waves.  He was seduced by what seemed to be limitless possibilities of the sounds that could come from a synthesizer.  He decided he must not only buy his own synthesizer, but he also became interested in multi-track recording, which would allow him to record songs with multiple instruments, and be a one-man band in the recording studio.

     On his 13th birthday, his father took him to a local music store and purchased a Korg analog synthseizer for him as well as studio monitors.  Shortly after he received the synthesizer, he obtained a multi-track analog recorder, a drum machine, a microphone, and analog effects processors.  This was the beginning of a life-long love of electronic music composition, recording,  and audio engineering.

     He attended Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied Audio Engineering.  Later, he returned to college to study Computer Science.  Now, with a combination of both music and computers, he has a well-rounded skill-set of both hardware and software instruments and recording techniques.

     Music is in his genes, it’s in his blood (in fact, he is the nephew of well-known classical composer, Antonin Dvorak)

To PJ, music and audio engineering is much more than a career choice,

or a passion,

it is a way of life…


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