Complete, synchronized, customized soundtracks in all types of multimedia projects including:

  • PJ Corvus in Corvus Studio, San Diego, California USAMovie, Television, and Video Soundtracks
  • Websites, Software, and Video Game Sounds
  • Advertising Music and Jingles
  • Audiobook Soundtracks and Voiceovers

He provides original, ready-to-use audio in any format that you need for your project. Before you use canned music from a music archive catalog, you should consider the impact that custom music will make in your project: matching the rhythm, movement, and mood of each scene. Specializing in synthesizers and electronic music and drawing from years of experience in composition, classical music training, and audio engineering: he can deliver many original music styles and genres. He started utilizing analog and digital hardware synthesizers in 1983, and continues to use hardware synthesizers along with the latest tools available: such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, Cubase, and other specialized music technology. Click here to hear streaming audio samples of his music, click here to view some of his credits, or click here to get in touch with him. blue_synth

Corvus Studio,  For more info about PJ’s personal studio: click here

Audio, Multimedia and A/V Skills:
Multitrack Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering Audio Files, Creation and Production
with Pro Tools 11 HD, Logic Pro X, Studio One Professional, Cubase, Ableton, Sony Sound Forge 10, Adobe Audition 3, Dolby Encoder SE, DTS Master Audio Suite, Opus Encoder, Opus Decoder, MIDI Orchestrator, DAT, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Soundtrack Composition and Recording for Movie Production – Audio Hardware and Pro Audio including : Analog and Digital Synthesizers, Vocoders, Multi Effects Processors, Compressors, Outboard Digital Multitrack Recorders, Samplers and Sampling Technology, Microphones, Live Sound Reinforcement, Video Projection and Stage Effects Lighting

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